Rental Policy

What you need to know for renting a car with us

The following general rental terms apply to the rental. Please note that the specific rental terms that may apply to the rental are available in the section specific rental terms. Traffic SA strongly recommends that you carefully read the general rental terms as well as the specific rental terms applicable to the rental. Traffic SA also strongly recommends that you carefully read the terms and conditions mentioned in the rental agreement that you signed at the Traffic SA station before the check-out. In order to facilitate the rental process, the Traffic SA terms and conditions are available in the local language and in English.

General Terms

DRIVER’S AGE: The minimum driver’s age for credit card holders is 21 years and for non-holders 23 years. For category F, K-K2, L3, S1-S3 and Μ cars, the minimum driver’s age is 25 years.

DRIVING LICENCE:The driver must have held a full driving license for at least 1 year,& 3 years for category M.

MINIMUM RENTAL TIME: 24hours.29 minutes after the completion of the 24hour rental period, an extra day will be charged.

FINES: All fines & administrative penalties are payable by the driver.

INSURANCE: Rented cars driven by a TRAFFIC S.A. approved driver is insured against third-party death and fire damage.

CAR AVAILABILITY: Company reserves the right to replace the types of car in each category.
COLLECTION-DELIVERY: Free of charge for all categories.
CAR EXIT FROM GREECE: Rented cars may not be taken outside the borders of Greece without the prior written consent of Traffic S.A
SEA TRANSPORT: The car may not be embarked on a ship without the prior written consent of Traffic S.A.

Luxury cars insurance policies



Renter is responsible for the first

  • 750 euro for category M1, Μ2,
  • 1.000 euro for categories Μ3, Μ4, Μ5, Μ11, Μ12, Μ13
  • 1.500 euro for categories M6, M7, M10, M14, M15, M19
  • 2.000 euro for category M8, M16
  • 2.500 euro for category M17, M18, M20
  • 5.000 euro for category M9

Renter is responsible for paying all damages caused by the undercarriage interior rims tires also if that might

be more than the self-risk. The C.D.W. insurance does not apply if damages are due to Greek traffic code violations.

For all luxury categories cars, credit card (or in some cases cash) as a guaranty are required.

All the rates are on a daily basis and include 24% VAT and unlimited km.

  • 24 Hours emergency phone assistance
  • 24 Hour road assistance
  • Change of car in case of breakdown
  • Full Insurance
  • No surprises at desk
  • Unlimited Kilometers
  • Deliveries/Collections at the airport, your hotel or our offices

Note: Please make sure to request your preferred type of fuel, transmition type and any other details to receive the best possible assistance from our expierienced representatives!

Rental Policy